High-resolution-figures with seaborn and matplotlib

Posted on Sat 31 March 2018 in python

Often we run into issues of generating high-resolution figures for publication, and, it is a bit of pain. Let me explain a couple of points which made me write this post.

  • Seaborn (sns) is an awesome tool to do the plotting
  • Matplotlib is needed to do nitty-gritty changes in Seaborn plots
  • But saving sns figures (directly in .png format) with matplotlib changes does a poor job of rendering

However, if we take some extra steps then it is possible to get all of we need:

  • First save the figure in pdf format
  • Try to use third-party tools (ImageMagik) to convert pdf to png

Please see the implementation here

A figure with detailed use of matplotlib in searborn plots can been viewed here. All panels except a is generated using seaborn customized with matplotlib. Codes are available here; see HT_data_analyses and Shape_analyses directories.

Credits: Saket Choudhary